Guidelines for Overseas Chinese Preparatory Program Fall Semester New Students Studying in Taiwan

※The school has e-mailed the admission information of new students to the E-mail address filled in the registration system of the University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students(海外聯合招生委員會). If you have not received it, please check whether it is in the "spam folder". If not, please refer to the following information or contact the school, thank you.

Google Form:1. Online Registration 2. Enrollment Intent Survey 3. Arrival Report
01. Online admission reply for new students
Please complete the online admission reply and upload the acceptance letter by August 20th.
Aadmission reply form:https://reurl.cc/jD3881
※Please upload the acceptance letter in PDF format.
02. Documents required for applying for visa (Overseas Chinese students) / Entry permit (Hong Kong and Macau students)
A. Directly distributed:Distribution letter(分發通知書)
B. Change of distribution:Change of distribution consent letter + Original university's distribution letter
C. 2022 retained admission applicants (admission in 2023):Consent letter for retaining admission in NUPS
D. 2022 suspended students (returning in 2023):Consent letter for suspension in NUPS
※Distribution letters will be sent by the University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students(海外聯合招生委員會). If you have not received the distribution letter, please contact the UECFOCS.
※For some regions, visa/entry permit applications may require a medical examination form. Please refer to the immigration agency's website for visa application requirements (URL: https://bit.ly/2WSEQrP).
※Please make sure to apply for a "residence" visa with the relevant documents and do not enter with a tourist visa.
03. Information for inbound overseas new students
1. Complete online admission reply by August 20th.
 Admission reply form:https://reurl.cc/jD3881
2. Bring relevant supporting documents to the overseas representative office (consulate/embassy) to apply for a visa or entry permit.
3. After obtaining the visa/entry permit, arrange your own flight and prepare for entry to Taiwan.
4. Upon arrival in Taiwan, please fill out the arrival report form.
 Arrival report form:https://reurl.cc/XEq2e3
※Do not bring meat products when entering Taiwan, as violators may be fined between NTD 10,000 and 1 million.
04. Registration process
A. Check-in
1. Check-in Location: Dormitory - Qing Building (female), Zheng Building (male), Cheng Building (single and double rooms).
2. Check-in Process:
 (1) Complete online admission reply and dormitory room type registration by August 20th.
   ※During this stage, only room type registration will be recorded.
    As the number of single and double rooms is limited, a lottery will be conducted later, and the results will be announced.

 (2) Tentatively hold a lottery on August 23rd and announce the results of room type and room number allocation on August 24th.
 (3) After arrival in Taiwan, proceed to the school dormitory for check-in and luggage placement.
B. Registration
1. Registration Time:September 11th 8:30-12:00, 13:00-16:00;
          September 12th 8:30-12:00
2. Registration Location:To be announced separately, please refer to the location specified by the Academic Affairs Office.
3. Please bring for registration:
 .Visa (Overseas Chinese students) / Entry permit (Hong Kong and Macau students)
 .ROC(Taiwan) resident certificate or Taiwan's identity card [If you don’t have it, it will be exempted.]
 .Distribution letter
 .High school graduation certificate or certificate of departure (original)
 .Parental authorization for emergency medical treatment
 .Parental consent for off-campus teaching and visitation activities
 .Entry visa medical examination form (original and photocopy) [Different documents are required for visa application for students from different countries. If a medical examination form needs to be submitted, please bring it to the school. If not required, it can be omitted.]
 .MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine injection certificate [If you have proof of this vaccine, please bring it to the school. If you don’t have it, it will be exempted.]
4. Registration Process:
 (1) Receive registration materials bag.
 (2) Pay tuition and miscellaneous fees (Please keep payment receipts and proofs).
 (3) Verification of academic qualifications and related documents.
 (4) Submission of parental authorization form.
 (5) Receive NUPS student health information card.
 (6) Purchase textbooks for classes.
 ※Please bring the NUPS student health information card to a qualified medical institution within one month for a medical examination and return it to the health center.
05. Notes on Living in Taiwan
A. Dormitory
.Dormitories are only open for early check-in one week before the registration day (September 4th).
 .Beddings and personal daily necessities are not provided, so students need to bring their own or purchase them at on-campus store or off-campus markets.
B. Daily Life
 .Students should prepare their own pocket money according to their personal needs.
 .Meals are self-paid, and students can choose to dine at on-campus student cafeteria, store, or restaurants off-campus.
 .Electrical appliances in Taiwan may have different voltage requirements compared to the home country, so please check if voltage converters are needed (students need to prepare or purchase them).
 .Overseas students with residence visas should apply for a resident permit within 15 days after entering Taiwan.
06. Reminder
 .For other relevant information regarding the admission of new students to the Overseas Preparatory Program for the 112th Academic Year (2023) Autumn Semester, please refer to the website under page Student > New Student Section > New Student Admission Notifications
 .Due to differences in required documents, processing time, and application acceptance periods at overseas embassies/consulates, students are advised to apply early.
 .Please make sure to prepare all the necessary documents for applying for a resident permit. Guidelines for the application process can be found on the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency Republic of China(Taiwan)'s website (網址:https://bit.ly/2WSEQrP),For example, Hong Kong and Macau students who are at least 20 years old need to prepare a Police Criminal Record Certificate.
 .It is recommended for students to prepare a prepaid SIM card for a Taiwanese mobile phone in advance or apply for one at the telecom counter at Taoyuan Airport upon arrival. Please have sufficient cash or a credit card (at least NTD 1,000) ready.
07. Contact
.Malaysia Area:Ms. Jiang (+886-02-77498273;yinghui@ntnu.edu.tw)
.Indonesia & Vietnam Area:Ms. Tsai(+886-02-77498270;chiayin@ntnu.edu.tw)
.Hong Kong & Macau & Myanmar Area:Ms. Chao(+886-02-77498271;charlene101@ntnu.edu.tw)

New Student Admission Information for Fall 2023

* Dormitories are only open for early check-in one week before the registration day (September 4th).*
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