National Taiwan Normal University Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students / Mandarin Training Center

2022 Pilot Preparatory Program for Foreign Students

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Facilitates adaptation to Taiwanese life and culture; reduces language barriers
Quickly strengthen Mandarin language skills and aid learning in professional fields.


  1. Academic guidance for foreign students

    Assists foreign students with their studies in Taiwan, as well as guidance on university admissions.
  2. Quickly strengthen Mandarin language skills.

    Intensive Mandarin courses, to strengthen Mandarin language skills and facilitate rapid integration into the study of professional fields.
  3. Assists with adaptation to Taiwanese culture.

    Gain in-depth understanding of Taiwanese culture; helps foreign students with early adaptation to Taiwanese curriculum as well as life and culture, and reduces problems caused by language limitations or cultural adaptation.


Those who meet the following qualifications can apply to the NTNU Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students for registration. Those who pass the extensive review of the required qualifications by the school will be qualified for the admission.

Must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants must be 18 years old before May 30, 2022, and must have a high school degree or above or other equivalent qualifications.
(The graduation certificate should be translated into English or Chinese by a legal translation agency).



Instruction is based on student level.

Help students gradually improve their Mandarin proficiency
Term 1 and 2 courses focus on training students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, laying a solid foundation for students' Mandarin. Adding Chinese culture courses to enable them to quickly understand Taiwanese society and culture;
Term 3 and 4 courses focus on cultivating the abilities required to enter the university and strengthen the skills necessary for students to enter the university in the future.

Strengthen Mandarin language literacy development

A total of 19 hours a week, 1-on-1 or 1-on-many of after-school practice with teaching assistants 6 hours per week to maintain Mandarin level for the student.

Provide various assistance for living in Taiwan.

One mentor and teaching assistant for each class to provide academic assistance, life counseling, and information related to further education.
Further education counseling

Learn about Taiwan's higher education resources

Further education counseling activities are organized, such as field visits, introductions to universities and academic groups in Taiwan, and university expositions etc. University-related information is provided, such as admission channels, application methods, application periods, and scholarships.

Course duration and content

One year duration: September to September of the following year ( 4 terms in total, 12 weeks per term )
Suject Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Presentation Writing and Presentation 2 2 3 3
Book and Journal Reading 3 3
Chinese Writing 3 3 2 2
Chinese Language Testing 2 2 2 2
Multiculturalism and Society - 3 3
General Mandarin - 3 3
Listening and Speaking 3 3
Mandarin for Everyday Use 3 3
Chinese Culture 3 3
Academic Mandarin - 3 3
Advanced Mandarin - 3 3
Total Hours 19 19 19 19

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