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2023 11月 7



☑️僑先部學生請務必以學校 E-MAIL 帳號(例如: lks90XXXXXXX@ntnu.edu.tw) ***第一次登入請使用忘記密碼功能更新密碼


☑️海外聯招會-個人申請系統使用步驟: https://reurl.cc/5OjnQ6




Step1 首次登入請務必使用忘記密碼 (圖1)


Step2 按完忘記密碼以後,輸入註冊E-mail時,請輸入lks****@ntnu.edu.tw 此E-mail (圖2)

Step3 至本校網路信箱登入lks的mail收信,並修改密碼:https://webmail.ntnu.edu.tw/v2/ (圖3)

Step4 回到海外聯招會網站,重新登入帳號+新密碼 (圖4)


Important Reminder for Individual Application ❗️❗️❗️ Steps for first-time account login:

Step 1: For the initial login, please make sure to use the "Forgot Password" option (Image 1). https://student.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/

Step 2: After clicking "Forgot Password," when entering your registered E-mail, please input lks****@ntnu.edu.tw as the E-mail (Image 2).

Step 3: Log into the school's network mailbox to receive the mail sent to lks and modify the password: https://webmail.ntnu.edu.tw/v2/ (Image 3).

Step 4: Return to the University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students website, and log in again with your account and new password (Image 4).